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Professional Counselor for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Issues

About Audra

Audra Tonero is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) with over 20 years of experience treating mental health and substance abuse issues. Audra started her career as an adolescent substance abuse counselor developing skills of assessment, counseling, and family stabilization.

Over the years, Audra has advanced her skill set to include the treatment of co-occurring disorders and conventional mental health diagnoses. For over 20 years, while maintaining a presence in private practice, Audra has worked full-time in higher education, coordinating the campus substance abuse program and providing direct clinical services including assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, and referral.

Audra's style is direct, compassionate, and supportive, providing individualized treatment plans based on personal needs.

Professional Affiliations

  • NJ College Counseling Association
  • Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse
  • Madison Chatham Coalition
  • NJ Higher Education Consortium on Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Education


H.M, parent

As parents of a young adult struggling with health problems that slid into addiction, Audra was so capable and helpful to all of us. Audra's knowledge and expertise immediately put us at ease; we knew we were dealing with the right person. Audra has a wonderful, matter-of-fact way of interacting with both the client and the other family members. We felt we always had her ear, and her sound, professional advice is a big reason why our son is in recovery, and we can sleep through the night again.

S.L, former ct

I started working with Audra after my depression had become a real problem. I was not happy about going to counseling, but I knew I needed something. Audra met me with support and directness, when I needed it, she was able to help me make some real progress and I started to feel better. In the end I learned some great ways to manage my depression and I know I can go back and meet with her any time I need some extra support.

A.W, workshop attendee

I attended "Raising Resilient Children" workshop and Audra is a very engaging speaker and easily connects with the audience. Audra is knowledgeable and makes real life suggestions that are applicable to her discussion topics. Leaving the workshop, I felt I had learned some new things to help me parent.

Parent Attendee

Attending the "Freshman 6" Program was eye-opening. It was a great program for parents and students to attend together. Audra addressed the reality of the college alcohol and drug scene and gave students specific strategies for not letting these things ruin their college experience or their lives.

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